Helping make the world a little bit more beautiful

Founded in 2015, our vision is to help every person write a better ending to their story. We welcome you to be a part of it.

Preserving iconic forests across the country

In America today, cemeteries take up a million acres of land. We want the next million acres to be forest instead.
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Meet our founders

Sandy gibson@2x
Sandy Gibson
Chief Executive
Brad milne@2x
Brad Milne
Chief Operating
Jamie knowlton@2x
Jamie Knowlton
Chief Financial
Sandy Gibson
Chief Executive Officer

When Sandy was a young boy, he lost his father to a stroke and his mother to cancer. For most of his life, his parents have been memories to him. After years of visiting their graves in a dreary Toronto cemetery, Sandy began to imagine what a better place to remember his parents might look like. In 2015, he founded Better Place Forests with his two best friends to help families write better endings to their stories.

When he's not in the office, you can usually find Sandy on the golf course or listening to audiobooks on 2x speed.

Sandy graduated from Princeton University in 2006 with an A.B. in History. A lifelong entrepreneur, he headed several companies and worked in finance and software for over 10 years before starting Better Place Forests.

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Brad Milne
Chief Operating Officer

Brad co-founded Better Place Forests because he was interested in working on something that would be genuinely beneficial to the world and because he wanted meaning in his career. With Better Place Forests, he believes that what we do touches our customers' lives and helps make the world a little more beautiful.

When not having the time of his life in our office, Brad can usually be found on the golf course in the Presidio, exploring the city trying to find the world's best breakfast sandwich, and trying to convince himself not to buy another guitar.

Brad graduated from McGill University in 2006 and has founded 2 different companies prior to Better Place Forests. He has vowed never to work in enterprise software again.

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Jamie Knowlton
Chief Financial Officer

Jamie co-founded Better Place Forests out of a desire to help connect people with nature, and encourage them to be more present in their lives by being more aware of their own mortality. "You protect what you love" is one of his favorite quotes, and he firmly believes that the more we can get people to engage with and develop a love for the outdoors, the better.

As an avid cyclist, skier and surfer, San Francisco is Jamie's favorite adopted hometown, and you can most often find him riding his bike around the Marin Headlands and Mt Tam.

Jamie is a CFA Charterholder and graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a MSc City Design and Social Science, as well as Queen's University with a BSc Civil Engineering and BA Economics.

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We’re a tight-knit group of bright, motivated, and inspired people working to help make the world more beautiful. We are based in San Francisco and have the best office dog.